Numerology and Names

Numerology and names

Numerology and names

Numerology and names are two sides oNumerology and namesf the same coin. The Universe is full of numbers. We are all numbers. The day we are born we are assigned birthdates, time of birth, the place of birth and above all an identity which is again a number vibration.

Now you would be thinking how name can be a number, well for the ignorant it is a name with alphabet and for the wise ones it is a number vibration.

All the alphabets have a certain number vibration attached to it and the complete name thus comes to a total number gives the name vibration. Every person will have a good number and bad number associated with his life.

The science which deals with this is called numerology

. There are two different methods of calculations. One is the Pythagorean method followed largely in the west and then there is the Chaldean Method which is largely followed in the east. The Pythagorean method was developed by greek mathematician Pythagoras.

Languages are built around numbers. It is believed that Pythagoras got this mystical knowledge from the Chaldeans. The Chaldean method is the most accurate and effective of the two methods.

Number 1: A,I,J,Q,YNumber 2: B,K,RNumber 3: C,G,L,SNumber 4: D,M,TNumber 5: E,N,H,XNumber 6: U,V,WNumber 7: O,Z

Number 8: F,P

Number 9: NIL

Chaldean Chart

The Chaldean method is not so popular because it is much tougher than the Pythagorean chart.

Number 1: A,J,S

Number 2: B,K,T

Number 3: C,L,U

Number 4: D,M,V

Number 5: E,N,W

Number 6: F,O,X

Number 7: G,P,Y

Number 8: H,Q,Z

Number 9: I,R

Pythagorean Chart

The Chaldean method also deals with the compound numbers which reveals details about the person and his life. The rich and the famous have been using numerology to their advantage leaving the common folks to work harder for everything. For example Tiger woods, Tom Cruise, Anna Nicole Smith, Marilyn Monroe and so on. Just google it and you will see a lot more. The success this people have achieved today may not have been the same with their real names. If you are still skeptical visit here for complete information on name numerology.

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